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Off the topic: Elliot’s Story

I just saw Elliot’s story on Oprah. It made me cry. His story made Oprah and Celine Dion cry, too. It was so touching. It makes you appreciate every day you have and not take it for granted. If you are going to watch it, have plenty of tissue ready. His parent’s blog about him is:

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Talked to Delilah Today

Update 11/07/08: I listened for days and still have not heard it. I guess I’ll have better luck meeting Delilah in person at Border’s next Friday. I’ll bring Delilah a copy of my mom’s story.

Update 11/01/08: I listened to the show from beginning to end on 10/31/08 and 11/01/08. Still did not hear it yet!  I will keep trying until I hear it! 🙂

Update 10/30/08: I listened to the show from beginning to end again on 10/29/08 and still did not hear it. I will keep trying until I hear it! 🙂

Update 10/29/08: I listened to the show from beginning to end on 10/28/08 and did not hear it. I guess it will be eventually? I will keep listening and record a copy for the blog.

I talked to Delilah today. Delilah of Delilah “Love Someone Tonight” ( love song radio show and told her about my mom (My Tien).

She is going to play a song for my mom tonight on her radio show.

Unfortunately, I was nervous and stumbled on my word 2 times! 😦

So it will be on 94.5 KBAY for listeners in the Bay Area or you can visit to listen over the internet tonight from 7 PM to midnight. I will probadly be on before 8:30 PM.

You can also check to see when it is available in your area. I will try to record a clip to listen here on the blog.

OFF THE TOPIC: I just checked out Delilah’s website. She will be in the SF Bay Area for a book signing! She just published “Love Matters”. I guess I am buying the book then since I already have it here from the library, but I would love to give my mom a signed copy and maybe talk to Delilah again without stumbling on my words! 🙂

Friday, November 14th, 2008
356 Santana Row
San Jose, CA 95128

Check out this link for Delilah’s book signings in your area:

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My Tien is home

My mom came home early for her birthday. Sorry for the late post 🙂 . I’ve been busy.

There are no pictures from my mom’s homecoming because the traffic people at SFO (San Francisco International Airport) they are very strict. If you are there for more than the few minutes you need to pick up a passenger, they will give you a gift, a TICKET! 😦

I saw my mom at the curb of the International terminal. I double parked, jump out of the car, flip open the trunk, run over and grab the suitcases, shove them in the trunk, close the trunk and make a run for the border 🙂 or in my case, Hwy 101 back to San Jose. My mom placed her carry ons into the car and we were off.

My Tien was not able to find her father or any biological family on this trip. Hopefully someday she will able to. 🙂

She was very happy to help the Goods ( by visiting Jackson’s former orphanage in Vung Tao. My Tien always long to see what an baby’s orphanage looked like and all of her trips back to Vietnam, she never got a chance to. She was able to do it this trip. All the oprhanages she been before had older children.

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Happy Birthday My Tien

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


My Tien’s birthday is Monday, October 20!

If you like to leave a note to wish her a happy birthday, you can leave one under where it says 1 Comment in red at the bottom of this post or send her a email to

I am posting this early in case anyone drops by before My Tien’s birthday and is not able to stop by on the 20th to leave a message. Thanks for visiting our blog 🙂

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Pics from Vietnam

A little surprise just arrived in my inbox. My mom (My Tien) had asked someone to email me pics.

1 of the oprhanage my mom visted in Vung Tau, Vietnam

1 of the oprhanage My Tien visted in Vung Tau, Vietnam


My Tien and the orphanage workers/nannies

My Tien and the orphanage workers/nannies


My Tien visiting the children

My Tien visiting the children

My Tien with a little cutie pie

My Tien with a little cutie pie

My Tien with another cutie pie

My Tien with another cutie pie

The children in the Vung Tau Orphanage

The children in the Vung Tau Orphanage

Update 10/25/08: The oprhanage no longer allow outsiders to take pictures of the children. My mother had to ask many times to be able to take these pics. These (and the ones on Flickr) are the only pictures she was allowed to take.

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The Goods/Pho for 5 in Parents Magazine

Here is the link to the Good Family (Pho for 5 – in Parents Magazine:

Thanks to Dawn at for the link 🙂

I purchased the Parents magazine that they were in. When I find the magazine, I will scan the article and send it anyone who is interested. I think the magazine has more than 1 picture but I am not sure. If you like me to email you the article, please email ( with subject line Parents Magazine.

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Off the topic: Breast Cancer Awareness

I was going to post this on the 1st of October but forgot to!

October is breast cancer awareness month. A friend of ours was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and is thankfully doing well now.

My mom mentioned when she was on the phone with me on Friday that she did not see any in Tokyo (when in transit/stranded) or in Vietnam yet.

I would like to share some breast cancer awarness items.

– Safeway has these really cute reusable grocery bags for $1.99. A dollar goes to breast cancer research.

-Macys has a cute simple pink ribbon keychain for $2.00. I forgot to see how much goes to breast cancer research.

-M&Ms has pink M&Ms bags. A little over $2.00. I got mine’s at Target but I did see it at Walmart, too. I forgot to see how much goes to breast cancer research.

Free:  design a duck on their website and email the duck to your friends. Each duck forwarded earns a nickel. click on the pink button on the front page to help earn mammograms for needy women.

If you know of more, please leave me a comment or email me ( and I will add it to my post here.

LOL, yes. I did visit all the websites I mentioned and own the Safeway bags, Macys keychains and the M&Ms. 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned stores/websites. Thought I share with you all.

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If you are a reader of as I mentioned in my previous post, the name of the blog is Pho for 5. Sorry if I made anyone confused. I forgot the name of the blog is Pho for 5, because I am so used to typing in to get to Laurie’s post.

Parent’s magazine article of Laurie and family: I still have not found it. It’s here somewhere I just haven’t found it yet. Please email me with subject line Parents Magazine and I will be happy to send it to you as soon as I find it! Thank you for your patience 🙂

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Got her suitcases!

My mom (My Tien) called me tonight. The airline called and told her suitcases arrived! She’s been wearing those 2 shirts I made at for the last few days since she left the US until now. Finally she got something different to wear 🙂

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Thank you for your support

Thank you to everyone for supporting my mother!

Our blog’s 1 month anniversary is 10/11/08 and as of today, we had 1,159 hits!

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