Posted by: jesst79 | October 25, 2008

My Tien is home

My mom came home early for her birthday. Sorry for the late post 🙂 . I’ve been busy.

There are no pictures from my mom’s homecoming because the traffic people at SFO (San Francisco International Airport) they are very strict. If you are there for more than the few minutes you need to pick up a passenger, they will give you a gift, a TICKET! 😦

I saw my mom at the curb of the International terminal. I double parked, jump out of the car, flip open the trunk, run over and grab the suitcases, shove them in the trunk, close the trunk and make a run for the border 🙂 or in my case, Hwy 101 back to San Jose. My mom placed her carry ons into the car and we were off.

My Tien was not able to find her father or any biological family on this trip. Hopefully someday she will able to. 🙂

She was very happy to help the Goods ( by visiting Jackson’s former orphanage in Vung Tao. My Tien always long to see what an baby’s orphanage looked like and all of her trips back to Vietnam, she never got a chance to. She was able to do it this trip. All the oprhanages she been before had older children.


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