Posted by: jesst79 | October 8, 2008


My Tien began her journey on 10-06-08. Her plane was delayed leaving San Francisco.

My mom called me at 5 AM (CA time) on 10/07/08 with news.

Her plane arrived in Tokyo safely but she missed her connecting flight to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)!

My Tien was told there was no flights until 10/09/08 (it was 10/07/08 and Tokyo) and she had no place to stay! 😦

As soon as I got off the phone with her, I called American Airlines immediately to see what I could do!

After a grueling few hours on the phone with American Airlines and Japan Airlines, I was finally able to get my mom on the flight to Vietnam on 10/08/08 at 10 in the morning. Thank you to Nori, supervisor, at Japan Airlines for making that possible! My Tien was also able to get a room to stay for the night.

I been on pin and needles all day 10/07/08 waiting to hear from my mom. I wasn’t able to call her in the morning of 10/08/08 in Tokyo so I just hoped she had go to the airport all right.

As for 3 AM California time, My Tien called me and told me arrived safe in Vietnam. However her checked in luggage is missing! Hopefully it will arrive with the next flight from Tokyo.

My Tien said she just took a shower after getting the news from me that I was able to get her 10/08/08 flight and stayed up all night making green tea and drinking it. She wasn’t going to fall asleep and miss the plane! Hopefully she was able to get some rest on the flight from Tokyo to Vietnam and when she arrived.


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